The Gym


Established in 1991
We are located in the HEART OF STUDIO CITY! Still expanding in LA County!

  • The gym American Hapkido Karate was founded by Master Sayed Qubadi.
  • The grand opening of American Hapkido Karate was on September 1, 1991.
  • We have successfully expanded the gym.
  • As we expanded American Hapkido we remodeled, and love where we are.
  • We are still to expand and open new gyms!

The Gym


  • Our gym we have a full size mats for PowerBox, Kardio Kickboxing, and Hapkido.
  • We have a full gym for everyone to feel comfortable working out in. Gym equipment as well!
  • We have the following for your class: speed bags, punching bags, dummies, bouncing bags, foam shields, and more for you to use for your class.
  • We strive for quality service that allows people to feel comfortable.